Cross-country skiing

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Cross-country skiing trail

The park protects 210 hectares of forest, located a stone’s throw from Highway 15. It is crisscrossed by some twenty kilometers of cross-country ski trails. The network is tightly knitted, the paths form a labyrinth and the intersections are numerous. It’s easy to like this kind of place where you can improvise your journey by branching off here, to the right and there, to the left.

It is particularly pleasant to hike there since we have installed a map of the trails at all the intersections of the network. You will be surprised by the quality of the trails. They are all two-way, therefore, rather broad. They are mechanically traced on perfectly leveled footpaths. Results: even with little snow, they are pleasant to ski, there are very few bumps and holes.

Moreover, ten kilometers of these paths are covered with stone dust. Thus, we can trace them more quickly at the beginning of the season, and the snow stays there longer at the end of the season, in addition to being much more pleasant to walk with young children during the summer.

The park is slightly hilly, especially in its south-western part. There are some slopes in this area, which add spice. The level of difficulty of the whole network is generally easy, so this is a good place to take the kids to ski. The woods that we cross are diversified; a pretty cedar forest, corners filled with white birch trees and magnificent maple groves.

Photo Ski de fond 2017 modifiée crédit Savanah Fournier

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