Disc Golf

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An 18-hole Disc-Golf at St-Bernard Regional Park! The growing popularity of Disc Golf around the world is mainly due to the wonderful sensation of throwing a disc with power and precision. The permanent challenge, the social nature of the game, the maintenance of physical and mental condition and that it is inexpensive to start, are also good assets. Disc Golf is a recreational sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.

You want to have fun with your friends, organize a Disc Golf competition on one of the most beautiful and most diverse courses in Quebec.

The game

Disc golf is a game based on the rules of golf (called ball golf or stick golf by disc golfers). It is played using specific discs similar to Frisbees, but generally smaller and heavier. These discs are thrown in the direction of a target, which serves as a “hole”. Metal baskets surmounted by a crown of chains intended to stop the disc arriving between the basket and the crown.


In the early years, disc golf was mainly played in the form of challenges. The targets could be any objects or trees or poles, then metal baskets with chains specially designed for this kind of sport. It is practiced in competition with targets approved by the PDGA, in the form of a tournament of one to several rounds of 18 baskets (and more, according to the courses drawn by the tournament directors).


The rules of disc golf are directly inspired by those of golf. The first pitch is off the tee. Each subsequent throw is made just behind the point where the disc landed. As in golf, each course is qualified by a standard number of strokes called a par. Example: a usual strategy for a par 3 is to make a drive (long throw), then an “approach” (medium throw allowing to reach the green), and finally a putt (short shot towards the basket). The hole is complete once the disc hits the target. The course is finished when all holes have been played.

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