Parc Régional St-Bernard



The first and only permanent orienting course in the forest in Quebec.

Still new at the Parc Régional St-Bernard, in order to satisfy our diverse type of customer we offer a new sport.

Orientering is a special map of orientation, a compass and it is for an outdoor sports activity, a mental challenge practicable by all !

Regarded as beginner and intermediate, we have more than 35 different courses, in order to familiarize you with orientation in the forest. Each participant is provided with a compass and a topographic map on which are printed circles locating control posts. Each control station is identified on the ground with a red and white beacon.

Sport for all par excellence, the Orientation Race offers great opportunities for leisure, reflection and competition. Alone or in family, from children to veterans, everyone will find his happiness: to walk in nature, discover his territory, find the beacons, in short, it is a very large scale rally produced for The pleasure of young and old

The Orientation Race originated in Scandinavia in the 19th century as a military exercise. In competition, it appeared in Sweden in 1919 and in 1967 in Quebec

The International Orientation Federation now includes most countries around the world

The activity is now open, please refer to the rates page for more information. Alternatively, call  (450) 246-2598 for more information.

Our employees will be pleased to explain the intricacies of reading a topographic map and handling a compass !



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